David B. – Probate, Trust – Show Low, Phoenix, AZ

At the time of our Mothers passing, My sister and I were faced with an abundance of tasks that were immediately added to our already busy lives. The good thing was that our parents had a Living Trust & Will in already place; although its language was “Greek” to me.  However I knew that everything was in place I just didn't know how to go about handling it. While I was at the Mortuary making arrangements, I happened upon a brochure about Family Trusts & Wills placed there by Attorney Brendon Rogers. I called his office upon completion of our business at the mortuary. From the first moment that I spoke with Brendon Rogers, I knew he was the one to help us. His immediate knowledge and understanding of our parents trust even though he had not been the one that prepared it was second to none.  He understood the Trust as well as the laws pertaining to the trust and issues like Probate, Property, Taxes etc.  He was also able to steer us in the right direction regarding a quality investment company and accounting firm. Well, in as much as everything was in place in the trust; there was still one major problem: During her lifetime, our mother had sold the residence that was originally in the Trust and purchased a new lot & home for herself and neglected to put it into the Trust. Hence we were forced into PROBATE.  My first thought was “oh great this is going to take years.” Never once, did Brendon flinch. He quickly presented us with the solution and the Probate began. In nothing short of a year everything was completed. He handled everything! I never even saw the court house! Having this kind of knowledge and experience is invaluable! Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. As all of this was going on with our parents Estate, I realized the importance of having a properly worded and set-up Trust & Will. It was a no brainer. Brendon put together a full complete and comprehensive Trust & Will for my wife & I. His attention to detail, the law, and the personal touch that he brings to the table is Outstanding! In closing I would like to tell the readers a couple of other points. My sister lives in Las Vegas, NV, & I live in Peoria, AZ. We thought this would really slow things down. To our amazement he was able to handle most everything electronically, overnight and USPS. Brendon even came to our house to complete and finalize our Will & Trust. I have never been more pleased with the services that he provided... And I even told him to his face "I don't even like Lawyers". GREAT JOB BRENDON! Keep up the GREAT WORK and Congratulations on your New Practice.
"From the first moment that I spoke with Brendon Rogers, I knew he was the one to help us." Read More...
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